Image of Collimation Performance in a cave with Lava and Candles.

Who We Are.

We create highly immersive, interactive entertainment experiences. Choose your adventure in VR, AR, or 2D on any smart device. From Concerts, to Studio Sessions, to interactive visual journeys; Collimation provides truly impossible seats.

Collimation allows you to connect and interact with your favorite artists in brand new ways. These highly-immersive home entertainment experiences let you live the music. Put on a VR headset and travel to a live concert anywhere in the world! Or take out your mobile device and bring the AR concert to you. Connect with artists, friends, family, and other concert goers like never before. But it’s not just concerts, it’s experiences.

“The responsibility is to keep pushing it forward, and not relying on the same old gimmicks. You have to push it forward.” – Jay-Z



Connect with your favorite artists on and off the stage with exclusive concerts and behind the scenes content. Experience impossible seats with friends and family at home, safely, and affordably.


Discover amazing visuals from well known talent as well as up & coming artists. From interactive videos, to full feature films, to incredible games, your experience just leveled up.

VIP 24/7

Be VIP every time. Access VIP only events, win rare autographed merch and compete with other fans to meet the artist themselves! Then brag about your experiences through your favorite social media networks.

The Team.

Young Guru


Adrian Rashad Driscoll


Harold Hayes Jr


Live the Music, Listen to Your Eyes.

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